The 2012 Color Shifters series is composed of various subseries:

  • Glow in the Dark. (Will glow in the dark if placed near light but only on it's Warm color)
  • Metallics (which have a metalflake finish)
  • Water Revealers (graphics revealed with warm temperature)
  • Hypercolor (an array of colors when touched)
  • Chromatics (chrome when warm)
  • X-Rays (body becomes transparent when warmed)

Color Shifters Creatures are not a separate line this year but creature cars are included in the line-up.

2012 Color Shifters

Toy # Model Name Cold Warm (Light) Series/Notes Cold Warm (Light)
W4109 Fandango X-Rays Image Not Available 2012Fandango
W4113 T-Rextroyer X-Rays T-Rextroyer20123 Image Not Available
W4114 Chrysler 300C Chromatics P170812 18.13 Image Not Available
W4116 Rescue Ranger X-Rays 2012RescueRanger Image Not Available
W4117 T-Bird Stocker Chromatics 2012T-Bird Stocker Image Not Available
??? Dragon Blaster ??? X-Rays


Image Not Available

??? Piranha Terror ??? Chromatics

Piranha Terror2012

Image Not Available

Color Shifters
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