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The 2010 Red Line Club Rewards Series were bonus cars released on through which site members collected enough points through ordering various Series 9 vehicles.

2010 Red Line Club Rewards Series

The 2010 Red Line Club Rewards Series featured 4 castings which came on Super Chromes blister cards sporting Neo-Classics Wheels and Spectraflame Gold paint jobs.

# in Series Casting Body Color Wheel Type Quantity Notes Photo
1 Super Van Spectraflame Gold Neo-Classic RL 3,072 SuperVan 10Rewards
2 Custom Mustang Spectraflame Gold Neo-Classic RL 3,792 MustangStocker 10Rewards
3 Rodger Dodger Spectraflame Gold Neo-Classic RL 2,544 RodgerDodger 10Rewards
4 Poison Pinto Spectraflame Gold Neo-Classic RL 2,976 PoisonPinto 10Rewards

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