The 2010 Race World Volcano Series consists of the following four cars: Phantom Racer (originally released in the 2004 First Editions Realistics Series), Hot Bird (originally released in the 1978 Flying Colors, '64 Lincoln Continental (originally released in the 2007 New Models and the Twin Mill (originally released in the 1969 Hot Wheels mainline.

Cars in series:

Series # Name Notes Photo Detail
#1/4 Phantom Racer Features a butterfly-shaped spoiler on back PhantomRacer Volcano purple Image Not Available
#2/4 Hot Bird Features an all-metal base like the original car Hot Bird Volcano - 2626ff Hot Bird Volcano Detail - 2624ef
#3/4 '64 Lincoln Continental Features seating for 6 1:64 scale people inside '64 Lincoln Continental Volcano - 5140ef '64 Lincoln Continental Volcano - 5141df
#4/4 Twin Mill Features an all-metal base like the original car Twin Mill Volcano - 2625ff Twin Mill Volcano Detail - 2623ef

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