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The 2010 Race World City Series consists of the following four trucks: 5 Alarm (originally released in the 2009 New Models), Armored Truck (originally released in the 1997 Action Pack), Super Van (originally released in the 1975 Hot Wheels mainline) and Propper Chopper.


Series # Name Notes Photo Detail
#1/4 5 Alarm Features a ladder that goes up and down 5 Alarm 2010 - 2508ef 5 Alarm 2010 - 2594ef
#2/4 Super Van Features an Ambulance paint scheme Super Van 2010 - 2874ef Super Van 2010 - 2873gf
#3/4 Propper Chopper Features an airlift ambulance paint scheme PropperChopper RWCity green Image Not Available
#4/4 Armored Truck Features a rear door that opens Armored Truck 2010 - 2532ef Armored Truck 2010 - 2596df

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