Released in 2009, Hot Wheels Delivery: Sweet Treats featured 15 Hot Wheels Castings that feature an authentic candy deco. Each casting in the line features a Die-cast Body & Die-cast Chassis. In 2010, a set with all castings and more five set exclusive with Real Riders has been released with exclusivity by Toy"R"Us.

The Following Castings were in the 2009 Hot Wheels Delivery: Sweet Treats:

Theme Casting Name Body Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes / Variations Photo
Charms '32 Ford Delivery Red Top-White Bottom-Black Fenders Unpainted Metal Clear Windshield Chrome 5SP Malaysia Assorted-CHARMS Spelled with Different Pieces of Candy&Two Cherries Surrounded by a 3/4 Red Scallop on Side 100 1476
Junior Mints '34 Ford Delivery Metalflake Dark Green Top-White Body-Same Green Fenders Chrome / Metal Clear White 5SP Malaysia Junior Mints-Creamy Mint in Pure Chocolate on side-Picture of Mint on Upper Rear 1/4 100 1470
Hershey's '37 Ford Woodie White and silver Unpainted Metal Clear Gray 5SP Malaysia 37ford
Almond Joy '40's Woodie Blue Unpainted Metal Clear Black 5SP Malaysia P1040724d edit
Wax Lips '55 Chevy Nomad Dark Blue w Light blue Panel Accents Unpainted Metal Red Tinted Chrome 5SP Malaysia Wackoway Wax Lips over Gold Oval Play Now Chew Later at Bottom & Red Lips-on Side Same on Hood 100 1455
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups '55 Chevy Panel Metalflake Dark Orange Unpainted Metal Clear Dark Red 5SP 55 Chevy Panel - 09 HW Delivery
Mounds '56 Ford Panel Red Chrome Metal Clear Windshield Red 5SP Malasya Mounds in Brown w/White Background on Rear Side Panel-Blue Panel on Door w/2 Coconuts-Same on Rear Doors 56 Ford - 09 HW Delivery
Razzles '57 Buick Yellow and white Unpainted metal Tinted Gray Black 5SP Malaysia Image Not Available
Cry Baby Anglia Panel Truck Metalflake Light Green Unpainted Metal Clear Yellow 5SP Thailand Anglia.sweet
York Peppermint Patties Combat Medic Chrome Unpainted / Metal Clear Dark Blue RL5SP Thailand Delivery Sweet
Tootsie Roll Pops Dairy Delivery Yellow/Metalflake Brown P1040376c edit
Blow Pops Fat Fendered '40 Light Pink & Metalflake Blue Unpainted polished Metal Blue White 5SP Malaysia Fat
Nik'L Nips Funny Money Purple Unpainted polished Metal n/a Black WL5SP Malaysia P1040641c edit
Whoppers Hiway Hauler Red Cab, Cream Box Tinted N/A PR5 Hiway Hauler - 09 Sweet Rides
Dots Ice Cream Truck Yellow Unpainted polished Metal Blue Red 5SP Malaysia Icecream.sweet
Mr. Goodbar Deco Delivery Set Exclusive Decodelivery
Milk Duds '49 Ford C.O.E. Set Exclusive 49fordcoe
Sugar Daddy Super Van Set Exclusive Supervan09
Dubble Bubble '66 Dodge A100 Set Exclusive 66dodgea100
Twizzlers '50s Chevy Truck Set Exclusive 50chevytruck

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