Color Shifters Card

Hot Wheels 2009 Color Shifters Card

The following are Color Shifters released during 2009.

Toy # Model Name Color (Warm) Color (Cold) Notes/Variations Photo
P2849 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Dark Green Yellow Image Not Available
P2850 Off Track Yellow Red Image Not Available
P2851 Nitro Doorslammer Gray Green Image Not Available
P2852 24/Seven White Blue 24Seven - ColorShifter White24Seven - ColorShifter Blue
P2853 '07 Cadillac Escalade Red Black Image Not Available
P2854 Audacious Yellow Green Image Not Available
P2855 Audacious White Blue Image Not Available
P2856 '67 Camaro Yellow Blue Image Not Available
P2857 Custom '77 Dodge Van Light Olive Green Dark Olive Green 77 Dodge Van - Colorshifter Warm77 Dodge Van - Colorshifter Cold
P2858 Rescue Ranger Yellow Red Image Not Available
P2859 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Gray Red Street Car To Race Car Cobra - 09CS Warm-GrayCobra - 09CS Cold-Red
P2860 High Voltage White Orange Image Not Available
P5204 RD-03 Yellow Green Came in Piranha Peril playset Image Not Available
P5205 High Voltage White Orange Came in Tanker Trouble playset Image Not Available
P7766 Off Track White Orange Off Track-2009 Color Shifters
P7770 Chevy Stocker White Blue Card error: card says "T-Bird Stocker", car base says Chevy Stocker Chevy Stocker - Color Shifters Warm WhiteChevy Stocker - Color Shifters Cold Blue
P7771 Corvette Stingray Yellow Image Not Available
P7772 Shadow Jet II Gray ShadowJetII 2009 ColorShifters ColdWaterShadowJetII 2009 ColorShifters WarmWater
P7774 Custom '77 Dodge Van Orange Dark Green Reportedly found with white rims instead of chrome 77 Dodge Van - 09 Color Shifter 3 - Warm77 Dodge Van - 09 Color Shifter 3 - Cold
P7775 2008 Lancer Evolution White Image Not Available
P7778 Mega-Duty Gold Image Not Available
P7780 '57 Chevy White 57 Chevy - 09 Colorshifters
P7782 Nitro Doorslammer Blue either dark purple or black Image Not Available
P7767 Camaro Z-28 White Red Image Not Available
P7769 Ferrari 360 Modena Yellow Image Not Available
P7777 '07 Cadillac Escalade Neon Yellow Image Not Available
P8616 2005 Ford Mustang GT Yellow Blue Came in Custom Color Shop playset 05 Mustang GT - 09 ColorShifters Warm05 Mustang GT - 09 ColorShifters Cold
P7779 Humvee Yellow Image Not Available
P7776 Rescue Ranger White Image Not Available


Color Shifters
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