The 2008 Team: Surf's Up Series consisted of the following four cars: Hummer H3T Concept (originally released in the 2004 First Editions), '40's Woodie (originally released in the 1980 Hi-Rakers), Switchback (originally released in the 2003 First Editions) and Surf Crate (originally released in the 2000 First Editions).

Vehicles in series:

Series # Name Notes Photo Detail
#1/4 Hummer H3T Concept Has two White rack-mounted surfboards on top Surfs Up - Hummer H3T Concept
#2/4 '40's Woody Has two rack-mounted surfboards on top Team Surf's Up '40's Woodie - 8638cf Team Surf's Up '40's Woodie Detail - 8637bf
#3/4 Switchback Came with two Red surfboards 2008 Surf\'s Up Switchback
#4/4 Surf Crate Came with one Light Green surfboard Wild Wave Surf Crate - 6486df Tampo Detail Surf Crate - 6487bf