The 2008 Team: Ford Racing Series consisted of the following four cars: Ford GTX1 (originally released in the 2007 New Models), Ford F-150 (originally released in the 1997 First Editions), Mustang Cobra (originally released in the 1998 First Editions) and Deuce Roadster (originally released in the 2000 First Editions).

Vehicles in series:

Series # Name Notes Photo Detail
#1/4 Ford GTX-1 Features convertible styling Ford GTX-1 - 7020df
#2/4 Ford F-150 Features a "Monster Truck" suspension Ford F150 - 5589df Ford F150 Tampo Detail
#3/4 Mustang Cobra Features airdams and spoilers designed for speed Team Ford Racing Mustang Cobra
#4/4 Deuce Roadster Features open sidehood panels to keep the engine cool Team Ford Racing Deuce Roadster - 5527df

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