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In 2008, The Red Line Club Membership Car was the Boss Hoss. 4 colors of the Boss Hoss were released totaling, 22,000 memberships.

Boss Hoss

These are the 4 variations of the 2008 Boss Hoss.

Release # Body Color Tampo Color / Chassis Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Release Date Quantity Notes Photo
1 Chrome RLC Logo, Red Stripes Chrome Plated RL 4,000 2008rlcbosshosschrome
2 Spectraflame Red RLC Logo, White Stripes Chrome Plated RL 5,000 2008rlcbosshossred
3 Spectraflame Aqua RLC Logo, Black Stripes Chrome Plated RL 6,000 2008rlcbosshossblue
4 Spectraflame Purple RLC Logo, White Stripes Chrome Plated RL 7,000 2008rlcbosshosspurple
Red Line Club Membership Cars By Year

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