The following are Color Shifters released during 2008.

Toy # Model Name Color (Warm) Color (Cold) Notes/Variations Photo
N4421 Humvee Tan Brown Humvee Color Shifter
N4422 Dodge Charger SRT8 White Black Image Not Available
N4423 High Voltage White Light Purple High Voltage color shifterHigh Voltage-2008 Color Shifters
N4424 RD-03 Gray Green RD-03 Color Shifter
N4425 '57 Chevy White Orange 57 chevy color shifter orange
N4426 2008 Lancer Evolution Florescent Yellow Florescent Orange 08 Lancer Color Shifter
N4427 Mega-Duty Green Brown Mega Duty color shifeter red
N4428 2005 Ford Mustang GT Red Black Mustang Gt Color Shifter
N4429 Invader Gray Olive Green Invader color shifter N4429 coldInvader color shifter N4429 hot
N4430 '67 Camaro Dark Orange Orange Color shifter 67 camaro
N4430 '67 Camaro Yellow Orange Color shifter 67 camaro
N4431 Humvee Florescent Yellow Blue Humvee Grn Color Shifter
N4432 Dodge Charger SRT8 White Purple SRT Color Shifter Purple
N4433 Custom '77 Dodge Van White Blue Came with OH5 or PR5 wheels 77 Dodge Van - Colorshifters WhiteColor Shifter Blue '77 Custom DodgeColor Shifter Blue '77 Custom Dodgepr5
N4434 Dodge Viper SRT10 Yellow Orange 06 Viper - Colorshifters Yellow06 Viper - Colorshifters Orange
N4435 Mega-Duty Florescent Yellow Dark Green Image Not Available
N4436 2008 Lancer Evolution Gray Black Image Not Available
N4437 Rescue Ranger Yellow Red Rescue Ranger Color Orange
N4438 '57 Chevy Ice Blue Dark Blue Image Not Available
N4440 2008 Lancer Evolution White Purple Came in a 2-Pack Image Not Available
N4440 '67 Camaro Yellow Green Came in a 2-Pack Image Not Available
N4441 Mega-Duty Gray Black Came in a 2-Pack Mega duty color shifter N4441b hot
N4441 Invader Red Orange Came in a 2-Pack Invader color shifter N4441 coldInvader color shifter N4441 hot
N4442 Dodge Charger SRT8 Light Green Orange Came in a 2-Pack Image Not Available
N4442 Humvee Khaki Green Came in a 2-Pack Image Not Available
N4443 Chevy Camaro Concept Light Green Blue-Green Came in the Color Blaster playset Camaro Concept 2009 hotCamaro Concept 2009 cold
N4483 Nitro Doorslammer Blue Purple Came in Stunt 'N Dunk playset Image Not Available
N9467 Mega-Duty Brown Yellow Came in Easter Coloring 2-Pack Image Not Available
N9467 Dodge Charger SRT8 White Blue Came in Easter Coloring 2-Pack Image Not Available
N9468 Custom '77 Dodge Van Orange Dark Purple Came in Trickin' Treats 2-Pack 77 Dodge Van - CS Halloween Warm77 Dodge Van - CS Halloween Cold
N9468 Nitro Doorslammer Yellow Green Came in Trickin' Treats 2-Pack Nitro Doorslammer - CS Halloween WarmNitro Doorslammer - CS Halloween Cold

Color Shifters
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