Please check out the other Treasure Hunts series and also the entire 2005 Hot Wheels line.

2005 Treasure Hunts

Toy # Col. # # in Series Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Photo
121 1/12 Purple Passion Black Orange Flames on Sides, Roof, and Hood Chrome / Plastic Orange Red CDDRR Purple Passion - 05TH
122 2/12 '67 Camaro Red Chrome / Metal Clear Black CDDRR 67 Camaro - 05TH
123 3/12 '58 Corvette White Chrome / Plastic Light Blue Chrome CDDRR 58 Corvette - 05TH
G6739 124 4/12 '57 Chevy Flat Black Flames, "Hot Wheels," "Al & Matt Mackay-Smith Racing" & "743" on sides

Chrome/ Plastic

Clear Black CDDRR Malaysia 57 Chevy - 05TH
125 5/12 '56 Flashsider Flat Gray/Black Chrome / Plastic Black Black Red DDRR w/ White Stripe 56 Flashsider - 05TH
126 6/12 3-Window '34 Flat Brick Red Chrome / Metal Clear Black Black DDRR w/ White Stripe 3-Window 34 - 05TH
127 7/12 Mustang Mach I Metalflake Dark Blue Blue Tattoo Tampos on SIdes Chrome / Plastic Light Blue Black RR5SP Mustang Mach I - 05TH
128 8/12 '67 Pontiac GTO Metalflake Dark Blue Chrome / Plastic Tinted Black CDDRR 67 GTO - 05TH
129 9/12 Rodger Dodger Metalflake Dark Red Chrome / Plastic Tinted Black CDDRR Rodger Dodger - 05TH
130 10/12 Mini Cooper Yellow Black and Yellow Arrow Tampos on Roof Chrome / Metal Clear Black Chrome-Rim, Black RR5SP Mini Cooper - 2005 TH
131 11/12 '70 Plymouth Barracuda Metalflake Light Purple Purple Flames on Sides Tinted White CDDRR w/ White Line 70 Cuda - 05TH
132 12/12 The Demon Metalflake Anti-Freeze Outlining Shapes on Roof; Black Flame on Sides Black / Metal Tinted Black Gold DDRR Demon - 05TH
133 13/12 Volkswagen Drag Bus Black Blue, Orange and Yellow Flames on Sides and Roof; Hot Wheels Logo on Side Chrome / Metal Black RR5SP w/ Red Lines VW Bus - 05TH

Treasure Hunts by year

Treasure Hunts by Year

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