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2005 AcceleRacers

Toy # Casting Series Name Series # Photo
G8107 RD-01 AcceleRacers Racing Drones #1 86247180 tp
G8108 RD-02 AcceleRacers Racing Drones #2 RD-02 Mark Jones
G8109 RD-03 AcceleRacers Racing Drones #3 RD-03 Black
G8110 RD-04 AcceleRacers Racing Drones #4 DSC00001
G8111 RD-05 AcceleRacers Racing Drones #5 RD-05
G8112 RD-06 AcceleRacers Racing Drones #6 Rd
G8114 RD-08 AcceleRacers Racing Drones #7 RD-08 Jun Imai
G8115 RD-09 AcceleRacers Racing Drones #9 S6003412
G8116 RD-10 AcceleRacers Racing Drones #8 Image Not Available
G8122 Octainium AcceleRacers Silencerz #1 Silencerz - Octainium
G8118 Nitrium AcceleRacers Silencerz #2 Acceleracer
G8125 Anthracite AcceleRacers Silencerz #3 Anthricite-silver-cm6
G8119 Iridium AcceleRacers Silencerz #4 Iridium-silver-cm5
G8117 Carbide AcceleRacers Silencerz #5 Carbide
G8120 Covelight AcceleRacers Silencerz #6 Covelight-silver-cm6
G8121 Accelium AcceleRacers Silencerz #7 Accelium1
G8124 Metaloid AcceleRacers Silencerz #8 8 Metaloid
G8126 Technetium AcceleRacers Silencerz #9 Silencerz - Technitium
G8103 Power Bomb AcceleRacers Metal Maniacs #1 G8103a
G8104 Piledriver AcceleRacers Metal Maniacs #2 Thumbnail195995206842febcb329825
G8102 Flathead Fury AcceleRacers Metal Maniacs #3 Metal Maniacs - Flathead Fury
G8099 Rivited AcceleRacers Metal Maniacs #4 08042011366
G8097 Hollowback AcceleRacers Metal Maniacs #5 Hollowback - 2005 Acceleracers
G8100 Rollin' Thunder AcceleRacers Metal Maniacs #6 Rollin Thunder - 05 AcceleRacers
G8106 Spine Buster AcceleRacers Metal Maniacs #7 7 Spine Buster
G8101 Rat-ified AcceleRacers Metal Maniacs #8 Rat-ified
G8105 Jack Hammer AcceleRacers Metal Maniacs #9 Jack Hammer GldR
G8095 Reverb AcceleRacers Teku #1 Reverb-blue-cm6
G8096 Drift Tech AcceleRacers Teku #2 Teku Drift Tech
G8093 Synkro AcceleRacers Teku #3 TekuSynkro
G8091 Chicane AcceleRacers Teku #4 HW ACR Chicane
G8088 Battle Spec AcceleRacers Teku #5 Battle spec 2
G8087 Power Rage AcceleRacers Teku #6 Teku Power Rage
G8089 High Voltage AcceleRacers Teku #7 Teku High Voltage
G8092 SpecTyte AcceleRacers Teku #8 SpecTyte Mark Jones
G8094 Bassline AcceleRacers Teku #9 Bassline - 05 Teku
G8728 Synkro AcceleRacers Starter Set Synkro (Green body with logos on windshields)
H7612 Shredster AcceleRacers Hyperpod Image Not Available
H7611 Sinistra AcceleRacers Hyperpod Sinistra acceleracers
G8149 Whip Creamer II AcceleRacers Hyperpod WhipCreamer2

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