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Please check out the other Treasure Hunts series and also the entire 2003 Hot Wheels line.

2003 Treasure Hunts

Toy # Col. # # in Series Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Photo
57000 001 1/12 Hooligan Pearl White Black outlined Blue Flames, TH logo on hood Unpainted / Metal N/A Black CDDRR w/ Goodyear tampo Hooligan
57001 002 2/12 '56 Ford Panel Metalflake Gold Red, Black and White flame and pinstripe design with TH logo Black / Plastic Clear Gold Chrome Gold DDRR 2003-002a
57002 003 3/12 Shoe Box Metallic Purple Lavender, Silver and Black flame and stripe design. TH logo on roof Chrome / Plastic Tinted Chrome White Line CDDRR Shoebox
57003 004 4/12 '68 Cougar Black Gold, Silver and White flames. TH logo on hood. Chrome / Plastic Yellow tint Black CDDRR Cougar
57004 005 5/12 '68 El Camino Black and Metallic Pink Black, Silver and light Pink TH logos on doors with a tribal design back Unpainted / Metal Clear Black CDDRR 68 El Camino - 03TH
57005 006 6/12 Porsche 959 Metalflake Silver Gold and White pinstripe flames, TH logo on front Unpainted / Metal Dark tint Black CDDRR Porsche 959 - 03TH
57006 007 7/12 Midnight Otto Satin White Red, Black and Gold Scallops with TH logo on roof Black / Metal Red tint N/A CDDRR Otto 03TH
57007 008 8/12 Riley & Scott Mk III Metalflake Gold / White. Metallic Blue roll bar White flames outlined in Black. TH logo on front Blue / Plastic N/A Black CDDRR RileyScottMKII 03TH
57008 009 9/12 '57 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham Metalflake Champagne Gold and White flames outlined in Black. TH logo on trunk Gold Chrome / Plastic Tinted White Gold Rim, White CM5 57 Cadillac EB - 03TH
57009 010 10/12 Muscle Tone Black Gold and Yellow flames outlined in White. TH logo on roof Gold Chrome / Plastic Yellow tint Cream Gold DDRR MuscleTone 03TH
57010 011 11/12 Super Tsunami Metalflake Light Green / Black White dividing stripe, "2003", "HW GrFx", TH logo on roof Black / Plastic Tinted Grey Chrome-Rim, Gray CM5 Tsunami
57011 012 12/12 '70 Plymouth Barracuda Metalflake Red Silver and Black pinstripe flames, TH logo on trunk. Black / Plastic Clear Black Chrome-Rim, Gray CM5 70PlymouthBarracuda 03TH
57011 012 12/12 '70 Plymouth Barracuda Metalflake Gray Rumored to have a quantity of 2,500 Chrome-Rim, Gray CM5 Rare Cuda

Treasure Hunts by year

Treasure Hunts by Year

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