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2003 6th Annual Gateway Hot Wheelers Club Rally

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Gateway Hot Wheelers

The Gateway Hot Wheelers Club started in 1987. They held their 6th Annual Midwest Hot Wheelers Rally on June 12-14 of 2003, in St. Louis, Missouri. There were 5 castings used; '70 Plymouth GTX, Custom '59 Cadillac, Custom Camaro, VW Bug, and the '65 Mustang Convertible. All were done spectraflame-style with the #6 on both doors. The '59 Cadillac was unique in that it had the Gateway Hot Wheelers logo on the roof. Along with the carded versions, there were also a very limited number of 5-car raffle sets using the same 5 carded castings. There are atleast 10 colors believed to exist.



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