Please checkout the other Treasure Hunts series and also the entire 2002 Hot Wheels line.

2002 Treasure Hunts

Toy # Col. # # in Series Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Photo
54321 001 1/12 La Troca Yellow Tinted CDDRR La Troca - 02TH
54322 002 2/12 '71 Plymouth GTX Metalflake Dark Blue Clear CDDRR 71 GTX - 02TH
54323 003 3/12 '57 Roadster Metalflake Light Green & Matte White White, Black & Orange Flames on Sides, TH Logo on Trunk Unpainted / Metal Purple-Tinted Black WLRR in Rear, Micro5SP in Front Malaysia 57 Roadster - 02TH
54324 004 4/12 Lotus M250 Metalflake Dark Red Tinted CDDRR w/ Red Line Lotus M250 - 02TH
54325 005 5/12 Ford Thunderbolt Metalflake Silver Sky Blue CDDRR Thunderbolt - 02TH
54326 006 6/12 Panoz LMP Roadster S White/Blue N/A CDDRR w/ "2002 TREASURE HUNT" tampo Panoz LMP Roadster S - 02TH
54327 007 7/12 Phaeton White Green and Yellow Flames outlined in Black and Silver. Black panels on hood Unpainted / Metal Clear Black White Line CDDRR Thailand Phaeton - 02TH
54328 008 8/12 Fat Fendered '40 Flat Black Miller's Cams and Fuel Control, "2 A" on Sides, Flames with White Shadows Unpainted / Metal Yellow Tint White CDDRR Thailand Fat Fendered '40 - 02TH
54329 009 9/12 '40 Ford Light Aqua with Pearl White Top Black Flames Outlined in Silver above Wheel Wells; TH Logo on Roof Black / Plastic Clear Gray CDDRR Thailand 40 Ford Truck - 02TH
54330 010 10/12 Tail Dragger Metalflake Purple Black, white & blue; TH logo on sides

Unpainted / Metal

Blue Tint White CDDRR Malaysia Tail Dragger - 02TH
54331 011 11/12 Mini Cooper Black Orange, white & silver; TH logo on sides, flames & '02' on roof Unpainted / Metal Clear


Single right-hand seat, roll cage

CDDRR w/ Red Line Malaysia Mini Cooper - 02TH
54332 012 12/12 Anglia Panel Truck Metallic Red Yellow, White and Black Scallops with Hot Wheels and TH logo on sides Light Grey / Plastic Clear Chrome CDDRR w/ "HOT WHEELS TREASURE HUNT" tampo Thailand Anglia Panel - 02TH

Treasure Hunts by year

Treasure Hunts by Year

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