The 2002 Cruisin' America series is a Wal-Mart exclusive series of 12 cars that is divided into Cruisers, Lowriders and Hot Rods with 4 cars designated to each. Below are the releases:

Toy # Series Name Casting Photo
Cruisers '59 Cadillac
Cruisers '57 Chevy 100 9114
Cruisers '56 Flashsider
Cruisers '57 T-Bird '57 T-Bird-2002 Cruisin' America
Lowriders La Troca
Lowriders '59 Impala
Chevy Impala 1959 (2002 Cruisin' America Lowriders)
Lowriders '65 Impala 65impala.cruisin
Lowriders Montezooma Montezooma Cruisin
Hot Rods '32 Ford
Hw 32ford 2002b
Hot Rods Midnight Otto 100 6980
Hot Rods Phaeton
B23caacb-527b-4884-8ddf-59fa08172a04 large
Hot Rods Deuce Roadster Image Not Available

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