The 2001 Monster Jam series contains 15 models.

The 2001 Monster Jam series was not numbered, so the list will go in alphabetical order.


Truck Name Subset Photo
Airborne Ranger Standard S-l1600-11-1493779823
Bulldozer Standard S-l1600-1-1493779961
Bustin' Loose Standard S-l1600-14-2
Chillin' Villain Standard S-l1600-10-1493779984
El Toro Loco Standard S-l1600-6-1493779994
Grave Digger Standard S-l1600-12-1493780005
Grave Digger Grain Standard S-l1600-5-1493780014
Predator Standard S-l1600-9-1493780033
Prowler Standard S-l1600-1492818113
Reptoid Standard S-l500-1493780054
Spider-Man Standard S-l1600-1492714738
Sudden Impact Standard S-l1600-4-1493780076
Vette King Standard S-l1600-13-3
Wild Thang Standard DSC04893
Wolverine Standard S-l1600-8-1493780108

Monster Jam Series By Year

Monster Jam Series By Year

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