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Please checkout the other Treasure Hunts

1999 Treasure Hunts

Toy # Col. # # in Series Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Photo
929 1/12 Mercedes 540K Red Gold & Black Graphics Unpainted / Metal Clear Black 5SP Mercedes 540K - 99TH
930 2/12 T-Bird Stocker Blue Red, Yellow, Black & White Graphics. "T. HUNTER", "12", Sponsor Logos Gray Plastic Clear Yellow 5SP Malaysia T-Bird Stocker - 99TH
931 3/12 '97 Corvette Metalflake Light Purple Gold, Red and White stripe design, "Nineteen 99" Black / Plastic Light Tint Gold 5DOT Thailand 97 Corvette - 99TH
21091 932 4/12 Rigor Motor Neon Yellow Black, Red and silver flames on top Black / Metal Yellow Tint Chrome Gold Chrome 5SP Malaysia Rigor Motor - 99TH
933 5/12 Ferrari F512M Yellow Ferrari emblem on front and rear, Silver, Black and Red light details Unpainted / Metal Clear Black PC5 Malaysia Ferrari F512M - 99TH
21093 934 6/12 '59 Impala Metalflake Purple Light Purple, Red, Gold and Black Artwork on Sides and Hood; TH Logo on Doors; HW Logo on Rear Sides Gold Chrome / Plastic Purple Tint White Gold Chrome LW Malaysia 59 Impala - 99TH
935 7/12 Hot Wheels 500 Black Hot Wheels 500 - 99TH
936 8/12 Jaguar D-Type Metalflake Black Red, Gold and White stripes with TH logos on sides and front Metalflake Black / Metal Clear Gold 5SP Malaysia Jaguar D-Type - 99TH
937 9/12 '32 Ford Delivery Metalflake Gold Gold Chrome 5SP 32 Delivery - 99TH
938 10/12 Hot Seat Clear 5SP Hot Seat - 99TH
939 11/12 Mustang Mach I Metalflake Dark Green 5SP Mustang Mach I - 99TH
940 12/12 Express Lane Purple Gold Chrome 5SP Express Lane - 99TH


Treasure Hunts


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