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Please checkout the other Treasure Hunts

1997 Treasure Hunts

Toy # Col. # # in Series Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Photo
16675 578 1/12 '56 Flashsider Metallic Teal Orange and Magenta pinstripe design on hood. Orange HW logo on tailgate Chrome / Plastic Chrome N/A 5SP Malaysia 56flashsider 97th
16685 579 2/12 Silhouette II 1997THSilhouetteII
16677 580 3/12 Mercedes-Benz SL Hotwheels 028
16678 581 4/12 Street Cleaver Black Gold and Red design on sides Metallic Gold N/A Metallic Gold 5SP Malaysia Cleaver thunt
16679 582 5/12 GM Lean Machine 1997TH GMLeanMachine
16680 583 6/12 Hot Rod Wagon Hot rod wagon t hunt
16681 584 7/12 Oldsmobile Aurora
16682 585 8/12 Dogfighter Metallic Green Gold and Black tampos on side "32" Yellow / Plastic N/A Gold Chrome 5SP Malaysia Dogfighter 97thunt
16683 586 9/12 Buick Wildcat 3SP 586 Treasure Hunt Series Buick Wildcat
16684 587 10/12 Blimp Hotwheels 026
16686 588 11/12 Avus Quattro SB Hotwheels 030
16676 589 12/12 Rail Rodder Pearl White Red and Orange flames, Red Hot Wheels logo on sides Unpainted / Metal N/A White 5SP


Treasure Hunts


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