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1996 Was the second year for the Treasure Hunts series, For 1996 Mattel increased the production to 25,000.

Please check out the other Treasure Hunts.

1996 Treasure Hunts

Toy # Col. # # in Series Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Photo
428 1/12 '40's Woodie Yellow Gold HW logo on right side window Unpainted / Metal Black Tint Black Yellow Line, Yellow DDRR Malaysia 40swoody 96TH
437 2/12 Auburn 852 Black w/ Metalflake gold overlay HW logo over a White background Unpainted / Metal Clear White Line, Gold DDRR Malaysia Trea$ure Hunt 1996 - 02 - Auburn 852
430 3/12 Ferrari 250 Metallic Grey HW logo on rear Clear Red DDRR Malaysia 430 Treasure Hunt Series Ferrari 250
431 4/12 Jaguar XJ220 Metallic Green Gold Hot Wheels Logo on rear window Black / Plastic Black tint Black Gold PC6 Malaysia Jaguar XJ220 - 96 TH
432 5/12 '59 Caddy Red White stripe Chrome plastic Clear White White Line DDRR Malaysia 59 CADDYTHRED
433 6/12 Dodge Viper RT/10 White Blue Rally Stripes Black / Plastic Clear Black White PC6 Malaysia Viper RT10 - 96TH White
434 7/12 '57 Chevy Metallic Purple Gold HW logo on windshield Chrome / Plastic Purple tint Clear Purple GoodYear DDRR Malaysia 07 Trea$ure Hunt 1996 - 57 Chevy
435 8/12 Ferrari F355 Pearl White Gold HW logo on rear Unpainted / Metal Clear Tan Gold PC5 Malaysia 08 Trea$ure Hunt 1996 - Ferrari 355
436 9/12 '58 Corvette Metalflake Silver Red sides, HW logo on rear Grey / Plastic Clear Red White Line DDRR Malaysia 436 Treasure Hunt Series '58 Corvette
429 10/12 Lamborghini Countach Fluor. Orange Black trim details, Gold HW Logo on windshield Fluor. Orange / Plastic Clear Tan PC6 Malaysia 10 Trea$ure Hunt 1996 - Lamborghini Countach
438 11/12 Dodge Ram 1500 Metallic Burgandy White and Gold HW logo on rear Grey / Plastic Clear Grey DDRR Malaysia 11 Trea$ure Hunt 1996 - Dodge Ram 1500
439 12/12 '37 Bugatti Metallic Dark Blue White and Gold HW logo on rear Unpainted / Metal Clear Red PC6 Malaysia 37BUGATTI

Treasure Hunts by year

Treasure Hunts by Year

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