The Premier year for the Threasure Hunts series, Each vehicle was limited to 10 000 pieces this number included the JC Penney sets.

Please checkout the other Treasure Hunts.

1995 Treasure Hunts

Toy # Col. # # in Series Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Photo
13349 353 1/12 Olds 442 Metallic Blue White Rally stripes on hood, White stripe on sides Chrome / Plastic Clear White Red Line, Chrome rim, Grey DDRR Malaysia Olds442w30 thunt1995
13350 354 2/12 Purple Passion Black base, metalflake gold top coat Lavender, Gold, Black  designs on sides and hood Gold chrome / Plastic Clear Beige White Line, Gold DDRR Malaysia Passion AGENTAIR 7
13351 355 3/12 '67 Camaro White Orange Rally stripes on hood and trunk Unpainted / Metal Clear Orange Goodyear, Chrome rim, Grey DDRR 95 hunt
13352 356 4/12 '57 T-Bird Metalflake Black no tampo Chrome / Plastic Clear Clear White Line, Chrome rim, Grey DDRR '57 T-bird MetBlk
13353 357 5/12 VW Bug Florescent Green no tampo design (red, white HW licence plate) Unpainted / Metal Clear Purple Chrome rim, Purple TW Vwbug thunt 1995
13354 358 6/12 '63 Split Window Metalflake Blue no tampo Chrome / Plastic Clear White White Line, Chrome rim, Grey DDRR Malaysia 358 Treasure Hunt '63 Corvette Split Window
13355 359 7/12 Stutz Blackhawk Black no tampo design (Gold HW Logo on windshield) Unpainted / Metal Clear Red Red Line, Chrome DDRR Malaysia 359 Treasure Hunt Series Stutz Blackhawk
13356 360 8/12 Rolls Royce Phantom II 1995-rolls-royce-phantom-ii
13357 361 9/12 Classic Caddy 1995-classic-caddy
13359 362 10/12 Classic Nomad 1995-nomad
13360 363 11/12 Classic Cobra Treasure hunt 1995 cobra
13361 364 12/12 '31 Doozie Yellow Yellow PC6 364 Treasure Hunt Series '31 Doozie


Treasure Hunts by year

Treasure Hunts by Year

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