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The 11th Annual Hot Wheels Nationals Convention took place April 13-17, 2011 in Cincinnati, OH.

Convention Cars

The 11th Annual Hot Wheels Nationals Convention featured the following castings.

Toy # Casting Body Color Color / Chassis Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Quantity Notes Photo
Volkswagen T1 Drag Bus RR5SP 1/3500 1/4 Image Not Available
Convoy Custom Red Line RR5SP 1/2700 2/4 Image Not Available
'57 Chevy Good year on rear, RR5SP 1/2000 3/4 Image Not Available
'36 Ford Coupe RR5SP 1/1200 4/4 Image Not Available
School Busted RR5SP 1/1500 Charity Image Not Available
'66 Dodge A100 RRS 1/1200 Dinner Image Not Available
V0518 Light My Firebird Neo Classic RL RLC Party Car Image Not Available

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