'81 Camaro
Debut Series New Models
Produced 2012 - Present
Designer Brendon Vetuskey
Number V5331


This '81 Camaro Z-28 is set up for bracket racing.

Fun fact: Brendon's first car was a silver '78 Camaro. Also, in the late 1990's took one of his cars to Englishtown where is was assigned the number 8927.


The '81 Camaro Z-28 has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
043 2012 New Models
Metallic Gray Black stripes on hood w/ HW logo, Red, Orange & Yellow stripes along side, Red & Black "TUSKE", Black "8927" w/ sponsors Black / Plastic Clear Red 5SP V5331 Malaysia Base code(s): D49, D50 2012-81Camaro
043 2012 New Models
Red Black stripes on hood w/ HW logo, Blue, Yellow & White stripes along side, Black & Blue "TUSKE", Black "8927" w/ sponsors Black / Plastic Clear Black 5SP V5594 Malaysia Base code(s): E04, E07 2012-81Camaro-Red
21 / 32 2014 HW Road Trippin' Red Green & Yellow stripes on sides & across top, 'Ehtraterrestrial Highway' & '375' on sides, '375' on hood Black / Plastic Tinted (Black) Light Green PR5 BDK75 Malaysia Base code(s): 81-Camaro-c1
02 / 06 2014 Fourth of July Cars White Red flames & stripes on sides, Red '14' on sides & hood, Red & Yellow stripes across top. Black / Plastic Tinted (Black) Red Gold 5SP BDL64 Malaysia Base code(s): G03 14-4th 81 Camaro cls
3/8 2017 Camaro Fifty Metallic Green Black, Brown, Gold & Yellow stripes on hood. Brown, Gold & Yellow Pinstripes on sides. Black / Plastic Clear Black Gold PR5 DWC87 Thailand Base code(s): J36 '81 Camaro
250 / 365 2017 Camaro Fifty
Light Blue White & Dark Blue stripes on sides & top Black / Plastic Tinted (Blue) Black PR5 DTY98 Malaysia Base code(s): K17 IMG20170618112819
361 / 365 2017 Camaro Fifty
Orange Black & Yellow stripes on sides & top Black / Plastic Tinted (Yellow) Yellow Yellow & Black PR5 DVC47 Malaysia Base code(s): K27, K36 DVC47C
2017 Camaro Fifty
Black Yellow & Orange stripes on sides & top Grey / Plastic Tinted (Yellow) Black PR5 FBJ09 Malaysia Toys R Us Exclusive
Base code(s): K16
2018 50th Ann Camaro's
Yellow Orange, Black & Red stripes on sides & top. "50" HW Logo, GOODYEAR, CHEVROLET on sides Black / Plastic Tinted (Smoke) Black Gold 5SP FKV74 Malaysia Base code(s): K40 81CAMAROFKV74 C