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'73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car
Debut Series 2016 Hot Wheels - BMW
Produced 2016-Present
Designer Fraser Campbell
Number DHP29
'73 BMW 3,0 CSL Race Car package front


The '73 BMW 3.0 CSL is a Racing variation of the BMW 3.0 Saloon (the E9 asit may also be called.)The BMW 3.0 CSL was a Euro-spec 3.0 CS with aluminum bodywork to shed some weight for better on-track performance, with the CSL variant about 440 pounds (200 kg) less than the standard 3.0 CS. The 'L' standing for "leicht", German for 'Lightweight'. The Hot Wheels is based off the CSL that won in the European Touring Car Championship (ETCC) and in the from 1975 through until 1979 ETT+CC. A mere 1,265 models of the 3.0 CSL rolled off the assembly line, with this rarity, one can cost upwards of $350,000 (~€305,000) to purchase one.


The '73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
190 / 250 2016 BMW White Red & Blue stripes, '68' & 'Castrol' on sides & hood White / Plastic Tinted (Black) Black Chrome & Black MC5 DHP29 Malaysia Base code(s): J06, J09, J12

2016 New Model

'73 BMW 3,0 CSL Race Car package front
190 / 250 2016 BMW Black Red & Blue stripes, '16' & 'Castrol' on sides & hood Black / Plastic Tinted (Blue) Dark Grey Chrome & Black MC5 DHX63 Malaysia Base code(s): J20, J25

2016 New Model

'73 BMW 3,0 CSL Race Car package front-0
2016 Toy Fair Clear White 2016 Toy Fair Hot Wheels BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car the Lamley Group 4
057 / 365 2017 HW Speed Graphics Black Red , green & White stripes, '7' & 'Castrol' on sides & hood Black / Plastic Tinted Black LW DTX60 Malaysia Base code(s): J42 '73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car-2017 057
057 / 365 2017 HW Speed Graphics Unpainted ZAMAC

2016 card

From the back of the 2016 card:

Born: 1973 
Birthplace: Munich, Germany 
Designer: BMW
Specialty: Here's a legendary racer with a stellar records of track victories. With the "L" in CSL standling for "light," everything about this speed machine is light. Its entire body was constructed with lightness in mind and when you see this bad boy in action, it appears to race at the speed of light!


For the 2016 First Edition release of this casting, the '73 BMW 3.0 CSL was released in the same colours as the BMW CSL that won the 1973 European Touring Car Championship (ETCC), but with a '68' on the doors and bonnet, not the '12' that appeared on the one raced in 1973.


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