'70s Van
Debut Series 2: Flying Customs
Produced 2003 - Present
Designer  ?
Number B2203

The '70s Van has also been released under the name of Jones Soda Van and Super Van, but not to be confused with the Super Van from 1975.


The '70s Van is a retool of the Super Van from 1975 and has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
2003 2: Flying Customs
Blue Red and Yellow flame tampos Unpainted Metal Clear Black RL B2203 2003hwcflyingcustoms70svan
2004 RLC Party Black RL Image Not Available
2004 Custom Car Show (Japan) White Flying Customs graphics. Red "TOKYO, JAPAN '04" along sides. Chrome Metal Light Tint Black RL H4362 China Limited to 2,000. Sold Oct. 23, 2004 at Custom Car Show in Tokyo, Japan. Super Van - 04 Japan Convention 600pxOTD
2005 4: Real Riders
Chrome "Hot Wheels Flying Customs" tampos Unpainted Metal Clear Black RLDDRR H2932 Malaysia SuperVan HWCseries4
2006 Jones Soda Promotion Black Redline CDDRR HWC Exclusive
13,000 produced
Named "Jones Soda Van" for this release.
Jones Soda1
2008 8th Annual Hot Wheels Nationals Convention White / Spectraflame Black RR5SP w/ Whitelines HWC Exclusive
Sold as part of Virtual Convention
Limited to 10,000.
2009 Hot Wheels Delivery: Sweet Rides Yellow Sugar Daddy Deco Unpainted Metal Red Red RR5SP Thailand 20 Car Set Exclusive Supervan09
2010 Race World City
Pearl White Red and Blue Ambulance Chrome Plastic Blue tint Blue tint 5SP R7611 Malaysia Supervan city white
1/25 2010 Hot Wheels Delivery: Slick Rides Metalflake Purple Black, White, Orange and Magenta "Wynn's" deco Unpainted Metal Yellow tint White RRPrf R3727 Thailand Supervan delivery purple
1/25 2010 Hot Wheels Delivery: Slick Rides Orange Black, White, Orange and Magenta "Wynn's" deco Unpainted Metal Clear White RRPrf R3727 Thailand Supervan Delivery Orange
2010 RLC Rewards 9th Year Spectraflame Gold RL Limited to 3,072. RLC Gold2
2011 The Hot Ones Pearl Fuschia Olive and Black tampos, "Super Van" Unpainted Metal Tinted Black BW W1576 Thailand SuperVan HotOnes Pink
2011 The Hot Ones Metalflake Dark Blue Yellow and Red tampos, "Super Van" Unpainted Metal Tinted Black BW W3697 Thailand 6-Packs Exclusive '70s Van-2011 Hot Ones 6-Pack
2011 General Mills Orange Wheaties Wheaties deco & White stripes on sides Unpainted Metal Clear Grey Whiteline RR V6854 Thailand WheatiesCLOSE
2011 Hershey's Red "Twizzlers" logos Unpainted Metal Clear Red Whiteline RR V5260 Thailand IMG 3200-b
2013 Pop Culture: General Mills Yellow with Red roof "Old El Paso" logos Unpainted Metal Red tint Redline RR X8368 Thailand Base code(s): F12 Old El Paso Super Van - 02653ef
2013 Pop Culture: Archie Comics Metal Flake Dark Blue and Light Blue Veronica/Archie/Betty deco on sides, Archie Comic logo on roof, Blue & White stripes on sides & roof Unpainted Metal Orange Tint Blue RLRR10SP's X8347 Thailand Base code(s): F34 HW-2013-Archie Comics-Super Van
2014 HW City Rescue
Metalflake Dark Blue Yellow & White stripes, Hot Wheels logo, 'SWAT', & 'Unit 822' on sides Chrome Plastic Light Blue Tint Blue Yellow rim, Black MC5 BFC64 Malaysia Base code(s): G09 '70s Van-2014 049
2015 HW City Rescue
Metaflake Candy Apple Red White & Gold stripes on sides, 'HW Fire Chief' on sides Chrome Plastic Clear Black Chrome Orange PR5 CFH75 Malaysia Named Super Van
Base code(s): G41
'70s Van-2015 055