'69 COPO Corvette
Debut Series 2011 New Models
Produced 2011-present
Designer Phil Riehlman[1]
Number T9674

The 1969 Central Office Production Order (COPO) Corvette.


The '69 Copo Corvette has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
004 2011 2011 New Models 4/50 Blue Racing Details White / Plastic Clear Gray MC5 T9674 Malaysia Base Code(s): C34 '69 COPO CORVETTE A
004 2011 2011 New Models 4/50 White Racing Details White / Plastic Clear Lt. Blue MC5 T9931 Malaysia Base Code(s): C51, D03 69 copo corvette white
004 2011 2011 New Models 4/50 Black Racing Details Grey / Plastic Clear Red Red rim Black PR5 T9674 Malaysia

Base Code(s):

D17, D19

COPO Corvette
004 2011 2011 New Models 4/50 Black Racing Details Grey / Plastic Clear with Hot Wheels Windshield Banner Red Red rim Black PR5 T9981 Malaysia Wal-Mart Exclusive 69COPOCorvette BlackWM
2011 2011 Toy Fair Spectraflame Blue Racing Numbers Metal RR5SP 2011 Toy Fair Hot Wheels '69 COPO Corvette the Lamley Group 4
2012 Corvette Red White Racing deco, Black/Silver "69" Grey Plastic Light Blue Tint White Gold 5SP W4245 Thailand Image Not Available
2012 Corvette 3-Pack Red White Racing deco, Black / Silver "69" Gray Plastic Light Blue White Gold 5SP X7253 Thailand Image Not Available
N/A 2013 Flying Customs Series Spectraflame Silver Red & Blue Stripes Metal Clear Black BW T9674 Thailand Base Code(s): E40 0601
N/A 2016 HW Flames 5-Pack Black Yellow Tribal Flames outlined in Orange Chrome / Plastic Yellow Tint Gray Orange-Chrome-Rim, Black PR5 Thailand 69-copo-corvette-16-hw-flames-5pk-600pxdm
2016 Multi-Pack Exclusive Lime Green White stripe on sides.  Black "69" on sides.  Black Hot Wheels logo on sides.  "Vaughn" & "DUNN" decals on sides. Gray / Plastic Blue Tint White 5SP Malaysia Base code(s):  H20 DSC 1590


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