'66 Dodge A100
Debut Series Hot Wheels Delivery
Produced 2010-Present
Designer Jun Imai


The '66 Dodge A100 has come out in the following versions:

Toy # Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes / Variations Photo
R3754 33 / 34 2010 Delivery - Slick Rides Metallic Blue and Red Union 76 Logos "Get the Spirit" Light and trim details Unpainted / Metal Tinted Black RRS Thailand 66DodgeA100
R3754 33 / 34 2010 Delivery - Slick Rides Red and White Union 76 Logos "Get the Spirit" Light and trim details Red Red Chrome RRS Thailand 66DodgeA100 delivery2
2009 Hot Wheels Delivery - Sweet Rides 20 car set White and Silver Dubble Bubble Deco Unpainted metal Blue Gray RRS Thailand TRU Exclusive 66dodgea100
T8285 04 / 15 2011 Hot Wheels Garage - Mopar Anodized Blue Red/Yellow Flames, "Dodge" Unpainted / Metal Clear Burgundy Red Line RRS Malaysia Base Code(s); D10 A100garage2011
W5155 2012 Nostalgic Brands Grey Dodge on hood and right rear door, Mural on roof and sides, Ozzy on rear with toon on left rear door. Unpainted / Metal Smoke Black Chrome rimmed RRS Thailand Base Code(s): E22 2012-12-13-2391
BDR96 2015 Pop Culture M&M Mars Red “Starburst” logo on sides & rear. Yellow & white stripes on lower sides. Unpainted / Metal Clear Yellow RR8SP Thailand Base Codes: G46 HW-Mars M&M-'66 Dodge A100-Starburst
DWH13 2016 Pop Culture - Peanuts Metalflake Silver Snow-themed scenes with Snoopy Unpainted / Metal Tinted Black RL RR10SP Thailand Base Code(s): J29 '66 Dodge A100-2016 Pop Culture-Peanuts
DJH07 2016 Pop Culture / Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars Concept Art Metalflake Brown Jabba's Palace / Rancor Scenes on sides. Cream colored stripes on top Unpainted / Metal Tinted Black Copper-Chrome RRS Thailand Base Codes: J32 66 Dodge A100 - 16 PopCultureStarWars 600pxOTD

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