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'65 Corvette
Debut Series 2000 First Editions
Produced 2000 - Present
Designer Mark Jones
Number Card #079
65 Vette AGENTAIR 1


The '65 Corvette vehicle has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
079 2000 2000 First Editions Metallic Black Silver Hot Wheels Logo on Trunk Gray / Plastic Clear Red 5SP Malaysia 65 Vette AGENTAIR 1
001 2001 2001 Treasure Hunts Series #1/12 Enamel Red Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver Pin Striping, Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver Hot Wheels Logo on Passengers Rear Side, Treasure Hunt Badge in Silver, Gold + Black Gray / Plastic Clear White CDDRR Malaysia 65 Vette AGENTAIR 2
109 2001 2001 Hot Wheels Enamel White Yellow/orange/black flames Black HW Logo on Trunk Black / Plastic Clear Black 5SP 50639 Malaysia 65 Vette AGENTAIR 3
067 2002 Corvette Series #1 Metallic Blue Metallic Silver Hood & back with Yellow Orange Silver and Black Flames on hood and sides. Silver HW Logo on Trunk Gray / Plastic Clear Black 5SP Malaysia 65 Vette AGENTAIR 5
N/A 2002 McDonald's Play Set Enamel Red Yellow and Orange Flames with thick Black Outlines, Black Hot Wheels Logo on Trunk Black / Plastic Clear Black 5SP 89076 Malaysia 65 Vette AGENTAIR 4
2002 Power Launcher Flat Black Yellow, Orange & White Flaming on side, hood and rear. Grey plastic Tint Yellow 5SP Malaysia
N/A 2003 Raptor Blast 5 Pack Pearl Yellow Red, Brown, Black and White Tampo Designs. "CANINE CRUSHER" In White on Hood, White Outlined in Red "4" in Black Gumball also on Hood Black / Plastic Clear Black 5SP 57024 Thailand 65 Vette AGENTAIR 6a
2003 Houston Astros Promo Silver Astros Logos on side and hood, Coca Logo on rear deck. Chrome / Plastic Clear Black RR 85732 Malaysia Promo Date: 08-30-03 03astros
170 2005 2005 Hot Wheels #170 Metallic Silver Blue Simple Black Center Stripe from Hood to Trunk Outlined in Thin Red Stripes Black / Plastic Smoked Black 5SP Thailand 65 Vette AGENTAIR 7
3/4 2005 2005 RLC sELECTIONs Series #3 Spectraflame Anti-Freeze "3" on hood and sides, Black stripes on top across and sides, "Club" on sides, "California VETZRUL" license plate Chrome / Metal Clear Black GYGTRR J4236 China Limited to 7,832 2005rlc65corvetteselections
085 2006 Bone Blazers Series Mtflk. Purple Gray & White Dinosaur Bones with Yellow Flames behind. Gold Chrome orange Tint Black Gold 5SP J3411 Thailand '65 Corvette CIMG1896
085 2006 Bone Blazers Series Black Gray & White Dinosaur Bones with Red Flames behind. Black / Plastic Red Tint Red Y5 J3411 Thailand 65 Corvette - 06 Bone Blazers
2006 Hot Wheels Classics Series 2 Spectraflame Light Pink Black Stripe, Unpainted Metal Clear White RL5SP Thailand 65corvette
N/A 2007 Happy Birthday Series Metallic Silver Red Sides With Black "65" in Silver Gum Ball on Doors and Hood, Black, Silver and Red Stripe Designs on Hood and Sides Chrome / Plastic Clear Gray Red Real Riders / White Letter Rubber Tires M3070 Thailand 65 Vette AGENTAIR 8
29/50 2009 Connect Cars - Iowa Dark Red White and light blue, "Iowa" on sides, "29" on hood and sides, Light blue and silver flames Chrome / Plastic Clear Black 5SP N4175 Malaysia 29 Iowa - '65 Corvette
217 2010 Mystery Cars White Red Stripes & "10" in Black Gum Ball on Sides & Hood, Blue Stripe w/5 Stars on Hood, Black Headlights, Silver Grill & Bumpers, Hotwheels Tampo on Sides Blue Plastic Clear Black Chrome-Rim, Black PR5 Malaysia 2010 Mystery 01 65 Corvette
166 2012 HW Main Street '12 White Red & Blue tampos, "15", "Monroe Police", "K-9 Unit", "Monroeville" Chrome / Plastic Blue tint Blue Chrome-Rim, Black MC5 V5470 Malaysia

Base Codes: E26

2013 Mystery Models Series 2 Red Black, white and silver side tampo "5" Chrome / Plastic Clear Black 5SP Y8135 Malaysia base codes: E49 2013-MM2-65Corvette-Red
Lime Green Black, White side tampo "5" in side and hood Chrome / Plastic Clear Black 5SP Malasya D06 Screenshot 2015-10-27-18-40-02-1
2014 2014 Multipack Exclusive Satin Black White and gold tampos, "hot wheels" logo and "5" on sides Chrome / Plastic Clear Beige 5SP Malaysia Corvette 65 2014bl

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