'64 GMC Panel
Debut Series Hot Wheels Delivery
Produced 2010
Designer Rob Matthes
Number R3756
64GMC Delivery


The '64 GMC Panel has come out in the following versions:

Toy # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes / Variations Photo
R3756 2010 Delivery - Slick Rides Green and Pearl White White "Quaker State" deco Unptd / Metal Clear Pearl White RR5SP Thailand 64GMC Delivery
R3756 2010 Delivery - Slick Rides Dark Red and Pearl White White "Quaker State" deco Unptd / Metal Clear Pearl White RR5SP Thailand 64GMC Delivery Red
2011 Hot Wheels Collector Series 10 White and blue with red flames HW's logo plus sponsors Chrome / Metal Bue White

RR5SP w/ Goodyear Tampo


Base Codes D22

64 GMC Panel
2011 Masters of the Universe Blue He-Man on .... Unptd / Metal Clear Red RR Thailand MOTU4pack64GMCPanel
V6810 2011 2011 Nostalgia Blue Superman Unptd / Metal Clear Red RR5SP Thailand SupermanCLOSE
2011 2011 Nostalgia Hershey's Miniatures White and Blue "Hershey's Miniatures" Unptd / Metal Clear Red


"with blue line"

Thailand IMG 2442c1000
2012 Nostalgic Brands Hanna-Barbera Copper Pearl White roof, Yogi Bear / Jellystone deco on sides & rear Unptd / Metal Green RR5SP Thailand IMG 3218c1000
2013 Pop Culture Thailand DSC02534
2015 Series 13 Spectraflame Pale Violet Purple flames outlined in gold & black. "NEO-CLASSIC Sales TIRE AND WHEEL" in Gold and Black. Chrome / Metal Clear Black RL 64 GMC Panel - RLC 1
- 2015 Kmart Mail In Spectraflame Black w/Red roof Red flames on sides with "2"; HW logo on side of roof Unpainted / Metal Clear Silver Redline RR5SP CGH71 Base Code(s): H23 HW-'64 GMC Panel-2015 Kmart mail in.


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