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'57 Ford T-Bird Convertible
Debut Series 1996 Target Goodyear Playset
Produced 1996 - 1997
'57 T-Bird (1996)-1997 Target Motorin' Music Set


This is also known as '57 T-Bird Convertible and Ford Thunderbird. Although Mattel aquired Corgi in 1989, models never mixed until 1996 when there were several corgi casting found in the Hot Wheels line-up. This was quite short lived though. Although similar in appearence to '57 T-Bird (1978), this model is a former Corgi casting, and they are in fact 2 different cars. There is a push button on the base to pop the opening hood up.


The '57 T-Bird has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
1996 1996 Target Goodyear Playset Metalflake Blue No tampos Black / Metal Clear Black Corgi 65686 China Image Not Available
1996 1996 FAO Schwarz Gold Series III Set Black Gold HW logo on front windshield Unpainted / Metal Clear Yellow Gold BW 16020 China Image Not Available
1996 1996 100th Anniversary of the Automobile Set Pearl Pink Red and Gold HW logo on rear license plate. Unpainted / Metal Clear Black PC6 16266 China Image Not Available
612 1997 1997 Hot Wheels #612 Turquoise Red HW logo on windshield Unpainted / Metal Clear White BW 95538 China Opening hood 57 Tbird trqBW
1997 1997 40th Anniversary of the T-Bird Set Teal detailed lights and trim Black / Metal Clear White WLRR 16989 China Opening hood 57 T-Bird Conv
1997 1997 Target Motorin' Music Set Metalflake Light Gold Detailed lights and trim Black / Metal Clear White White line BW 17279 China Opening hood '57 T-Bird (1996)-1997 Target Motorin' Music Set
1997 1997 Parking & Service Garage Playset Red No tampos Black / Metal Clear Black Corgi 65603 China Image Not Available
1997 Gas Station Playset Black No tampo Black / Metal Clear Black Corgi 65694 China Opening hood T-BIRD rare


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