'56 Merc
Debut Series 2007 Ultra Hots Series #14 of 36
56 Merc 10 Pack

The '56 Merc, based on the actual production model, has an opening hood to reveal its engine.


The '56 Merc has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base / Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2007 2007 Ultra Hots Series #26 of 36 Pearl Dark Yellow and White Unpainted / Metal White WWRR L0086 Malaysia Mercury 56 UH
2008 2008 Ultra Hots Series #14 of 36 Metalflake Teal and White Unpainted / Metal Clear White WWRR M3647 Malaysia
56 mercury
2009 Hot Wheels 10-Pack Exclusive Black with Silver trim White and Blue tampos on sides and hood Unpainted / Metal Blue tint White 5SP 54886 Malaysia 56 Merc 10 Pack
2009 Hot Wheels 10-Pack Exclusive Metalflake Copper with Silver trim Brown and Beige tampos on sides and Gold and White tampos on hood Unpainted / Metal Yellow Tint Gold 5SP 54886 Malaysia
163 2010 Hot Auction 5/10 Lime Green & Dark Green Flames on Sides Chrome / Plastic Light Gray Tint Dark Green 5SP R7588 Malaysia Base Code(s): C03, B52 '56 Merc Hot Auction - 4709cf
163 2010 Hot Auction 5/10 Metalflake light purple / Metallic purple Solid purple roof tampo. Silver flames on side Chrome / Plastic Clear Purple 5SP  R7588 Malaysia Base Code(s): C15. also came in a 2011 10-pack. 56Merc auction Purple
163 2010 Hot Auction 5/10 Orange / White Orange flames on side Chrome / Plastic Clear White 5SP  R7588 Malaysia Kmart exclusive color 11/6/2010 Base Code(s):C35,C34 56Merc Auction Orange
10/20 2011 Hot Wheels Garage - Ford Metallic Silver Black, Blue and Silver design Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Gray White Line LW5 T8283 Malaysia Issued as '56 Mercury 56Merc 11G Grey
2012 Hot Wheels Racing 2012 - Stockcar Matte Black and White "E.S.D.C. Racing" "256" Umpainted Metal Light Grey Tint White RR W8327 HWR-Stockcar-56Merc-Bl-Wh
2012 Boulevards White Baby Blue on lower half Unpainted Metal Blue Tint Light Blue WWRR W4632 Malaysia Base Code(s): E36 Mercury 1956 (boulevard)
2013 Sunburnerz Gold and White Gold and Black sunburst  design over entire car Chrome / Plastic Clear White Gold LW Malaysia Sunburnerz2013 merc
2013 2013 Multipack Exclusive Red and White Red and Orange flames Chrome / Plastic Clear White 5SP  Malaysia Base Code(s): F28 Hot Wheels '56 Merc 1


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