55 Corvette
Debut Series Hot Wheels Boulevard
Produced 2012
Designer Leeway Chang
Number W4645


Chevrolet debuted its small-block, 195 hp V8 in 1955 and the engine found its way into the Corvette. At first 1955 V8 Corvettes continued with the mandatory-option Powerglide automatic transmission (as did the few 6-cylinder models built), but a new three-speed manual transmission came along later in the year for V8 models only. Exterior color choices were expanded to at least five, combined with at least four interior colors. Even soft-tops came in three colors and different materials. Despite all this, only 700, 1955 Corvettes were built, making it second only to 1953 in scarcity. Very few six-cylinder 1955 models were built, and all documented examples are equipped with automatic transmissions. The "V" in the Corvette emblem was enlarged and gold colored, signifying the V8 engine under the hood and 12 volt electrical systems, while 6-cylinder models retained the 6-volt systems used in 1953-54


The '55 Corvette has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
N/A 2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard - Ahead of Its Time Red Silver side details and headlights Unpainted Metal Clear Red Thick Whitewall RR W4645 Malaysia Base Code(s): E27 2012-HWB-55Corvette-Red
N/A 2013 Hot Wheels Boulevard - Ahead of Its Time Pearl White Gold Flames, and Headlights Unpainted Metal Clear Gold Thick Whitewall RR X8289 Malaysia Base Code(s): E45 HWB13-55Corvette-White
4/8 2013 60th Anniversary of Corvette Series Red Silver side details and headlights Unpainted Metal Clear Red 5 Spoke Malaysia Same as HW Blvrd casting, Different Wheels HW 55Vette
20 / 30 2014 Hot Wheels Cool Classics Spectrafrost Copper Unpainted Metal Clear Red RSW BDR41 Thailand Base Code(s): G34 1955 Corvette cool classics


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