'49 Ford F1
Debut Series Hanna-Barbera
Produced 2013
Designer Jun Imai
Number X8310


The '49 Ford F1 has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
- 2013 Hanna-Barbera Beige, w/ Brown fenders Yogi Bear Unpainted / Metal Clear Black White line SRR X8310 Thailand DSC02546
- 2015 Pop Culture M&M Mars Cream, w/ Light Blue fenders “Dove” logo on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear Silver RR5SP BDR97 Thailand Base Codes: G46 HW-Mars M&M-'49 Ford F1-Dove Chocolate
03 / 18 2015 Hot Wheels Heritage Series Silver Burgundy pin stripes on fenders, hood and roof; “Red Line Salvage Since 1968” on doors Unpainted / Metal Clear Red RL CFN68 Malaysia Base Code: H19 HW-2015-Heritage Series RL -3-'49 Ford F1
- 2016 Hot Trucks Matte Black White Hot Wheels logo, White El Segundo Speed Shop, Red lines on doors and fenders Chrome / Plastic Clear Red Red Chrome 5SP DJD28 Malaysia Base code(s): J28 49 Ford F1 (DJD28)
4/8 2017 Happy Halloween! Matte Black 'Halloween' graphics on doors Orange / Plastic Clear Orange White Skull DYB58 Malaysia Base code(s): 49-ford-f1-17-halloween-1kpxotd
085 / 365 2018 HW Flames Metalflake Red Yellow flames on sides and hood. Chrome / Plastic Clear Black Black DD8 FJW63 Malaysia Base code(s): K41
Base reads "1949 Ford F1
'49 Ford F1-HW 2018 -85-Flames


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